About Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Fort Worth Fabric Studio was opened in October 2009 by Jodie Heinold as an online fabric shop filled with lots of cotton goodness.    We are based in North Richland Hills, just outside of Fort Worth, Texas.   We are passionate about customer service - our clients mean the world to us!  We typically ship orders within 24 hours (or sooner!), and we handle each order with care! 


Although our duties often overlap (most of us can "do it all"), we each have our main functions here at FWFS.  Here's little bit about what we do:

Jodie Heinold, Owner:   Hi Friends!  For as long as I can remember, I've loved art, color, and design.   My grandma taught me how to sew as a child, and by high school I was making my own garments and also worked in a local fabric store (I was in heaven!)   I earned a degree in Business Administration in college but never forgot my passion for creating.   I spent a number of years as an indie designer of children's boutique clothing.   Today my creative outlet is fulfilled by choosing fabrics for our shop and putting together exclusive FWFS bundles - it is one of my favorite things to do!  I am also passionate about entreprenuership & marketing - I believe I've got the best job in the world!   


Jennifer Villarreal, Customer Service Manager:  Jennifer is our customer service extraordinaire!  Jennifer handles phone calls and questions from our customers and keeps our shop super organized.   She is an expert at processing orders, and makes sure your order is processed quickly, with care - perfectly folded & packaged.   She can fit more fabric into a box than anyone we know!   Jennifer has also started designing projects for us - we can't wait to share!


Nick Heinold, Website Mangagement & Order Processing:    Most of the new product you see on the website has been added by Nick!  He is also designing our PDFs and doing graphic design for us.   And when needed - he helps with order processing - cutting, folding, packaging orders!


Clayton Heinold, Fat Quarter King & Points Management:  Clayton is the reason our bundles are so neatly folded & stacked!  He also makes sure our rewards points system is working well.  Clayton also contributes genuinely great marketing ideas!


Mitchell Heinold, Order Processing & Technical Support:  Mitchell helps with printing, pulling & cutting orders.   He's also our go-to guy when we need any kind of technical support or we we need a new computer (he builds them for us!)


Linier Criss:   You order was likely printed off, pulled, and cut by Linier!  She's great at making sure your order is accurate from pulling the right skus to cutting the correct amount.


Kurt Heinold, Jodie's Husband:  Kurt helps with cutting orders, building desks, and doing lots of un-seen but necessary things to make our business run smoothly!


Thanks for stopping by, we are so glad you took a moment to read more about us!  We hope you enjoy your visit here at our online shop!  Please let us know if we can help in any way.